Playing cards for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Collector Quality Playing Cards Interesting facts on every card! Learn Bitcoin's rich and fascinating history. Perfect for social poker games. Keep an extra deck as a collectable investment. Buy with credit card or bitcoin. $20 with free shipping.


What makes Satoshi playing cards unique?.

1.Fascinating people

Every card has a short bio of an interesing person from Bitcoin lore. Which 54 people are featured?

2.Historical Events

Every card has an different interesting historical Bitcoin event and the date it occured.

3.Price History

Every card has a date and the price of bitcoin at that moment. Plus a timeline indicator on every card.

4.Standard Playing Cards

Perfect for playing any card game. Includes A through K in all four suits. Plus 2 jokers.

Satoshi Playing Cards.

These fun, high-quality playing cards are perfect for learning, and teaching about the rich, and fascinating history of the most important and valuable crypto-currency -- Bitcoin.

What's included:
  • Cards : 52 standard high-quality playing cards. Plus, two Jokers.
  • Case : A hard plastic case to protect your investment.
  • Free shipping.

Satoshi Playing Cards will be a collector's item.

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  • Case

Sample Cards.

A ♠

🂡 Andreas Antonopoulos

Technologist, serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author of "Mastering Bitcoin." Adreas has admirably represented Bitcoin before the Canadian Senate and provided testimony to the Australian Senate.

On October 31st 2008

Satoshi Nakamoto releases a nine page whitepaper describing Bitcoin.

Per BTC: $0.00
4 ♥

🂴 Brian Armstrong

Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase. In 2016, issued a $5000.00 bet that a Bitcoin software upgrade to increase the blocksize works out fine.

On July 17th 2010

Mt. Gox begins trading bitcoin. Operated by Jed McCaleb before the sale to Tibanne Co.

Per BTC: $0.08
K ♣

🃞 Roger Ver

Bitcoin evangelist, vauntaryist, and prolific bitcoin investor. He openly renounced his US citizenship in 2014 and became a citizen of the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

On May 21st 2010

Laszlo pays 10,000 bitcoin to someone in England that arranges to have two pizza sent to his house by Papa John's. Widely considered one of the first exchange of bitcon for goods and services.

Per BTC: $0.003

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